Been Rockin’ Hard

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Hey everyone, we’ve been rocking so much we haven’t posted much. So here it is….

We have really enjoyed partying with each and every one of you. Way too many names to mention so we’ll leave it at that.

So DO check our website to see when/where we are playing. Our schedule is getting busy so we are all over the place. We put up a new calendar that is easier to read so you have no excuse for not being there!

We have a request… all you turkeys taking photos when we are playing….. how about sending them to us so we can post them in our photos section. You know it’s pretty hard to rock your asses off and take photos too….. it’s real easy. Send your photos to We will take it from there! Oh, and THANKS!

If you come to see us, you can bet your ass we will see you!

Be safe and Rock On! With us of course!

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